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:: Red Rock Team Challenge
Group Size:  30-900 participants

Large Group Venue available please email us.

Program Length:  3hrs (1/2 day)

Location: Team Building Sedona, Arizona

Features:  Sedona Team Building Activities, Roped Adventures, Catering, Entertainment, Amazing Race and Lodging

Meals:  Catered meals, tents, entertainment

Staff: Ph.D or Master Degreed Chief Facilitator with assistants

Materials:  Follow-up material provided.

Course Topics:  Custom-designed

Cost:  Email for quick quote

:: Red Rock Amazing Race
Group Size:  10-500 participants

Private, Large Group Venue

Program Length:  3hrs (half day)

Location: Sedona, Arizona

Features:  Jeep Tour, Team Building Activities, Roped Adventures and Zip Line

Meals:  Catered meals, tents, entertainment

Staff: Ph.D or Master Degreed Facilitator

Materials:  Follow-up material provided.

Lodging:  We provide group rates at several Sedona Resorts and Hotels

Cost:  Email for quick quote

Leadership Philosophy
Insight Facilitation©: Degreed and experienced facilitators produce results.  Insight facilitation is a solution-focused approached to leadership and team building.

Platinum Material©:  Many of our facilitators hold doctorate's in leadership and teach on the subject everyday.  Our Platinum Material is the most up-to-date information anywhere.

Choice First©:  Our facilitators believe that you know your company best.  Experience our Choice First philosophy and regain direction.

Voice Tech©: It's about making your voice heard.  You have the freedom to develop and utilize your leadership voice.  What are you waiting for!

Idea Goal©:  Stop wasting time with larger-than-life goals that never happen.  Use our Idea Goal system to produce specific results every time!

Team Building Philosophy
Direct Connect©: Many groups are weighted down with an overwhelming amount of tasks.  Experience our Direct Connect and find out how professional relationship building can take your group to the next level in productivity.

Risk Reward©: Risk and challenge are not about doing something scary or dangerous.  Taking a risk is about doing something bold.  We'll teach how to be bold when it matters.

Role Reversal©: Unleash the power to be an effective communicator with Role Reversal.  Leave the familiar and find out how to connect with your team.

Enlighten©:  Move past the buzz words that only sound good.  Find out what it means to really "build a team."

Storm Trek©: No one ever attained success without a few setbacks.  We invite you to experience Storm Trek and find out what your team can really accomplish.

Asset Recognition©:  Find out that your team has the skills and talent to succeed.  Recognize the assets in your team and spark productivity.

::Team Challenge Details

All activities are designed for beginners and participation is always encouraged.  If you decide that you don’t like a certain activity, you will not be required to participate.  You can always watch, take pictures, and join in on the discussions.   

Please wear sunblock, bring a water bottle and sun hat.  Leave all expensive jewelry at home and wear close-toed shoes.  No sandals please!

Sedona Team Challenge Event is NOT a high adrenaline circus ride or a competitive activity.

Sedona Team Challenge Event

Exclusive Sedona team building event in beautiful red rock country at our private venue.  Portable ropes course, amazing corporate race and team challenges make this venue perfect for your next team building day.

The Sedona Team Challenge Event takes place at an exclusive, private ranch in Sedona, Arizona.  Our Sedona team challenge event is a half day of team challenges and roped adventures.  We also offer a half day amazing corporate race.  In both programs, groups build their team with challenges such as Build A Boat, GPS Course, Music Maker Challenge, Confidence ladder, Zip Line Traverse and the Burma Bridge.  Each activity is debriefed for maximum team learning.  The amazing race option is not debriefed and is more of a fun competition with points and awards. 

Upon arrival at the private Sedona team building event site, individual teams set off to tackle several team challenges and roped adventures.  Once the morning or afternoon is over, groups may have a meal and entertainment waiting.  Stay and enjoy this private and pristine location.Sedona Team Building

Team Challenges::  These are problem-solving activities were individual teams need to work together to accomplish a task such as Boat Building.  Most of these activities are not very physically demanding.  Each activity is debriefed for maximum team building arizona 

Roped Adventures:  These are peak adventures such as Confidence ladder, Zip Line Traverse and the Burma Bride.  Team work together to complete each peak experience.  These are not one person challenges, the entire group must work together to get their group members across the pond, through the Burma Bridge or up the Confidence Ladder. All equipment and staff are provide to assist you in completing peak building arizona

Roped Zip Line: The roped zip line is an excellent peak adventure.  The zip line is over a pond and is a great team building activity.  There is no hiking required to participate in the zip linecorporate team building arizona

Sedona Team Building Program:  The Sedona Team Challenge or Amazing Corporate Race is a great team building event.  Discussions about team performance are included in the Sedona Team Challenge Event.  However, the amazing corporate race may include more strategic team building, contact us for more details.

corporate team building sedona

Inclusions/Details:  Every Sedona Team Challenge is custom-designed.  All staff/facilitators are of the highest quality.  Transportation, meals and other inclusions are on a per group basis.